We are Pogust Goodhead: international law company announces name change and growth.

We are Pogust Goodhead: international law company announces name change and growth.

Following a string of legal successes, the international law practice PGMBM will henceforth be known as Pogust Goodhead.

The law company will also be expanding its services in Brazil following a landmark decision guaranteeing mining giant BHP will face their day of reckoning in the English courts regarding the Mariana dam tragedy.

Pogust Goodhead intends to continue leading environmental litigation through offices in the Netherlands and the United States while also opening a new office in Rio de Janeiro.

The expansion also includes plans for a new legal process outsourcing centre based in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to help process and service clients worldwide, bringing over 300 jobs to the area.

The largest investment in a UK claimant legal company to date was recently disclosed as a partnership and £100 million funding transaction with North Wall Capital.

After a number of UK hiring, the continuous investment in Brazil will also result in the recruitment of 20 additional Brazilian attorneys in the upcoming weeks.

Alicia Alinia, the chief operating officer, and Jash Radia, the chief financial officer, have recently been hired by Pogust Goodhead. Between them, they have decades of expertise in strategic leadership across the company.

Tom Goodhead, global managing partner and CEO of Pogust Goodhead, stated:

“Over the course of the past year, we have successfully resolved group lawsuits against British Airways, Volkswagen, and most recently, BHP, the largest mining firm in the world.

“We are starting the next chapter today. As the company expands, it is crucial that we make adjustments to make sure we have a solid, dependable, and long-lasting infrastructure to support our goals of revolutionizing group litigation on a global scale.

The firm has always been driven by its Brazilian cases, and with a new office in Rio, we intend to build on the significant progress we have already made in our legal battles with defendants like BHP and Tuv Sud.

Most essential, we aim to make sure that our customers have a better overall experience and that we eventually represent their desire for justice by carrying on with the just cause in all of our legal proceedings.

Chairman Harris Pogust added:

“We are excited to continue building on the achievements of recent years in what we believe to be the next critical step for our organization. Being able to see my name next to my incredible partner, Tom Goodhead, makes me incredibly proud. Brand awareness becomes an even more crucial component of our growth as the company continues to expand. With this name change, Pogust Goodhead will, in our opinion, become one of the most recognizable brands in the legal sector.

“Pogust Goodhead is the only legal firm working on cutting-edge, ground-breaking projects, and these modifications will guarantee that we advance the situation.

“We are incredibly proud of the outstanding individuals who work for our company and the amazing job they undertake on a daily basis to promote justice for our clients.

“We’re simply getting warmed up.”

We are Pogust Goodhead: Name change and expansion | Pogust Goodhead

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